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Picture of the most up-to-date iStep machine in the area, at King's Shoe Repair. click here for a larger photo of the iStep.

A Combination Unmatched in the Greater Kalamazoo Area!

Aetrex / Lynco advertising picture

The Aetrex iStep machine does a complete analysis of your feet, and the way you stand.  First, it measures your feet, for accurate fit.  Then it determines your arch type, and finally, shows points of uneven pressure that frequently lead to discomfort and pain.  The iStep analysis can then recommend an orthotic insert to relieve that pressure.  King's Shoe Repair has the most up-to-date iStep machine in the area.

Picture of Aetrex Berries fashion shoe with Mozaic insert. click here for a larger image

King's Shoe Repair also carries Aetrex shoes in a wide variety of styles.  The Aetrex line is unique in being built specifically to accept standard orthotic inserts.  We carry both the Aetrex Mozaic inserts, and Lynco inserts, which are compatible with Aetrex shoes.  Between them, there is an insert to cover most common foot problems.

-And then there's the human part of the equation.  Tracy King is a Certified Shoe Fitter, with 20 years of experience.  Much of that experience comes from orthopedic shoe repair, and alterations of existing shoes to deal with severe foot problems.  He routinely builds custom orthotics to doctors' prescriptions.  He understands problem feet, and how to help them.

King's Shoe Repair offers this unified system so that you don't have to compromise. You deserve shoes that fit your needs, and that fit you. You should be comfortable on your feet. Come see Tracy for a FREE iStep foot analysis, and see what King's can do to give your feet the comfort they deserve.

Photo of Aetrex iStep machine courtesy of L. Danger Photography

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