King's Shoe Repair

King's Shoe Repair

& Leather Restoration

Walk, Stand, and Work in Comfort!

Every Foot Is Different.

  Experience is Key

to Custom Orthotics and Buildups

A Special Foot Problem
Needs a Special Solution.

Tracy King has been providing them for two decades.  Do you have a prescription from your doctor for an orthotic, or an orthopedic build-up?  Is it all cryptic abbreviations, and some Latin?  Tracy can not only read your prescription, he understands how to make it a reality.  -And he can explain what he will be doing for you, in plain language. 

Tracy splits a boot-heel, prior to an orthopedic buildup.

Producing Exactly "What The Doctor Ordered"

It requires the kind of skill, care, attention to detail, and experience, that Tracy King brings to all his orthotics, and orthopedic build-ups.  He still uses a few "old-school" techniques that are harder, and slower, than the way most would do it, because they give more accurate results!

Picture of an orthopedic shoe during the re-soling process.

A Truly Experienced Orthotics Technician

Like so many real pros, Tracy King "learned his trade in the trenches".  He started by assisting Mr. Craig Corey, a certified pedorthist with well over 30 years of experience.  Tracy was also taught by Dr. Patrick O'Conner, an orthopedic surgeon who built his own orthotics for his patients, wrote a book about plantar fascitis, and invented the "policeman's heel".  Tracy's professional journey has been one of constant learning, patient refinement of technique, and discovering what works best in the real world.  That may be why some of the area's trickiest orthotics problems finally end up coming to him.

If you would like Tracy to create, repair, or refine your prescription orthotic or orthopedic buildup, call him at (269) 342-5844.

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