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Do We Repair More Than Shoes?


We Have Quite a Range...

If It Can Be Mended, If It Can Be Restored,

King's Can Do It!

King's Leather Restoration has tackled an interesting array of leather repairs over the years.  Of course we've done leather garments, repaired rips, done alterations, and restored finishes.  Of course we clear old threads, and try wherever possible to use old stitch holes, for a better finish.  And we are never in so much of a rush that our stitching is all over the map.  -But we also handle cases that other shops might avoid.  For instance...

Picture of finished repair on horse tack. Picture of repaired horse tack.
Picture of re-soled English riding boots. Picture of re-soled English riding boots.

We Don't Shy Away From Horse Tack

All repairs are done with an eye to maintaining the look and the strength of the original.  Now, we're not farriers, but if you find that your rider needs some shoeing, we can help with that (right).

Picture of a re-laced ball glove. Picture of a re-laced ball glove.
Picture of a custom-embroidered towel. Picture of a custom-embroidered towel.

If You Want To Bring In Your Leather Sofa, You'll Need An Appointment.

Yes, Tracy restored the finish on a sofa a few months back.  But that's not all we've done: handbags, purses, luggage, musical instrument cases, pool cue cases, fly rod cases, backpacks, hats,-   -And we can do custom embroidery!  -And we can even re-lace ball gloves!

Let Us Take A Look At That Item You Want Repaired.

If it can be repaired or restored, we can tell you what it will take.  If it can't, we will try to break it to you gently.  You can call us at (269) 342-5844, or for a free estimate, just bring your item by the shop at 5032 Gull Road.  -As long as it's smaller than a sofa.

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