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picture of a Landis model K boot stitcher at King's Shoe Repair

Have your favorite shoes "turned on you"?

You may fondly remember them as being comfortable.  But then: simple "wear and tear" happened.  Worn-down shoes can't support your feet evenly.  They can make your feet sore, and make it hard to stand.  They can rob your stride of "spring", by forcing your feet and legs to do more work.  They can even make you less steady on your feet!

picture of severely worn ladies high-heeled shoes picture of severely worn ladies high-heeled shoes


The same pair of high-heeled shoes after re-heeling at King's Shoe Repair picture of the same pair of ladies high-heeled shoes after heel repairs at King's Shoe Repair.


Let us give you back the shoes you remember...

With two master cobblers, we can fix your shoes right.  Heel repair, half-soles, full soles; we have the skills and equipment to do it.  We have repaired everything from ladies high heels to motocross boots, from snow-boots to high-end leather dress shoes.  All repairs are done with quality materials, including super-prime sole leather, and genuine Vibram and Goodyear unit soles.  We always work with a care for your comfort.  We constantly refine our skills to meet the challenges of modern materials and construction.

picture of a high-heeled shoe with the heel broken cleanly off picture of a high-heeled shoe with the heel broken cleanly off


picture of the same shoe after heel re-attached by King's Shoe Repair picture of a high-heeled shoe with the heel broken cleanly off


If you'd like to "watch us work" over the Internet,

Bookmark this page (Ctrl key + D key on most browsers), and come back periodically.  We plan to change out our before and after pictures on a regular basis, to show you what we've done lately.  We hope you find it interesting.  -And if you have a pair of shoes you thought were too far gone to fix, you might want to bring them to us for a second opinion.  They may end up pictured on the web!

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Photo of Landis stitcher courtesy of L. Danger Photography.

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