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Are Your Feet Comfortable?

We Want To Help You Answer: "Yes!"

picture of King's Shoe Repair -- our NEW shop at 5032 Gull Road in Kalamazoo, across the street from the old one! click here for our hours, phone number, and directions

-But more than that, we want you to be comfortable with being our customer.

Having your shoes or boots repaired, or other leather items repaired, should be a positive experience.  You should be treated with respect and courtesy.  If you have had trouble with the repair shop you're using now, please, call us at 269-342-5844

King's Shoe Repair understands that you want the job done in a reasonable amount of time.  You need your work boots for work, your walking shoes to walk in, and your snow boots repaired for this winter, not next spring!  You want your simple garment or bag repair finished and returned to you, not sitting on a "to do" pile for weeks, or even months!  -And wouldn't you rather deal with a shop that calls you when the work is done, rather than forcing you to call them, over and over?

picture of the shoe shine stand at King's Shoe Repair, Orthotics, and Leather Restorations

We can repair your shoes and boots.  We have the tools and up-to-date methods to get them where they belong -- back on your feet!  Bags, garments, and other leather items can be properly mended, and returned to you!

We can help you find a truly comfortable footwear package.  At King's Shoe Repair, Orthotics, and Leather Restorations, our focus is on comforting problem feet.  For minor problems, we have an Aetrex computerized foot analysis machine, and we carry Aetrex shoes and Lynco orthotic inserts. 

For feet with serious, medically-diagnosed conditions, Tracy King has the experience and knowledge to help.  Tracy has specialized for 20 years in orthopedic shoe repair. He is also well-versed in building custom orthotics, and custom orthopedic build-ups.

King's Shoe Repair, Orthotics, and Leather Restorations wants to repair your opinion of repair shops.  If your footwear, leather garments, bags, or other leather goods are in limbo somewhere else, bring them to us for a little TLC.  We won't ignore you, and keep you guessing.  We will listen to you, explain what we are doing, and try to treat you like we would wish to be treated.  Call us at 269-342-5844, or come see us at 5032 Gull Road in Kalamazoo, Mon.-Fri. 9-6, Sat. 9-3.  Unlike some repair shops, someone will actually be here during our posted hours!

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